Your heart workout diet is not the only thing impacting your health.

Learn how genetics, supplements, environmental conditions, and more can affect your symptoms, susceptibility for illnesses, and reaction to treatments.

How does it work?

By completing our survey, you will be contributing to and can unlock information about how different illnesses and treatments could affect your body with a personalized RUN score (Risk Under Normalcy).

This is a new project, and every person’s data provides new opportunities for insights and learning.  New features and questions are added almost daily.  

View of Curo46 dashboard questionnaire

What's in it for you?

Medical and Health Freedom

Your medical data should be at your finger tips.  Share your data with whomever you want, whether it is for a new doctor in a foreign country, holistic healers, dentist or a family member.  And forget about those lengthy intake forms.

Confidence in the Safety and Security of your data

The data we collect remains fully anonymized and decentralized—meaning, your identity is never disclosed or associated with the data.  Only you will be able to unlock access to your personal data.

Make decisions with the Help of Objective Data Science

Our patent-pending algorithms use the data to determine complex relationships and individualized risks.  Now, instead of wondering about risks and side effects, you will be able to know how illnesses and medical treatments are likely to affect you personally.

It is our hope that someday we can help people identify the treatments and preventatitive measures that can help improve responses to, or even eliminate illnesses like Diabetes, Opioid Addictions, Cancers and more.

Ease of use

We do all the complicated work for you. All you have to do is fill out our survey, and you can start understanding your health insights.

Your medical records at your fingertips

Our electronic medical record system (EMR) holds all your medical files in one place for your easy access and organization. Interested in the security of this?

Daily health check-in

Our platform allows you to put in your daily health experiences to offer you more accurate insights through the medical journal.

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