Where did we start?

It all started with three dads from different backgrounds came together to build a solution get their children back to schools and playing with their friends. From there, the vision quickly expanded as people came to them expressing other issues and concerns they were having.

Where are we now?

Now, General Genomics is a veteran-owned, service-disabled-small-business that is working to build the most comprehensive analysis of disease susceptibility and treatment effectiveness ever done.

How are we changing the world?

We’ve created a Proprietary Predictive Algorithm (PPA) that uses machine learning that can analyze thousands of variables across billions of records. Most current studies, by design, look at one variable at a time and cannot find complex relationships.

Previous efforts to establish predictive risk models of disease propagation are generally not based on medical information about individuals—that is, DNA analysis and medical histories—so they are unable to determine and integrate correlation factors, susceptibility, or treatment successes.