Koco News: Local researcher forming team to study how genetics influences severity of COVID-19

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Patrina Adger Reporter


There are so many unknowns when it comes to the COVID-19 coronavirus, one being why are so many people getting the deadly disease while others show no signs?

Daniel Brue, a local researcher with General Genomics, is forming a study on how genetics influences the severity of the virus, who is more likely to get it and why.

“We never had as much feedback on a pandemic as what we are having today,” Brue said. “We know there are certain factors that are influencing this.”

Brue is leading the research team from Oklahoma City. He said the information collected from genetic markers and family history is similar to what you’d obtain through Ancestry.com or 23and Me matching.

“We can start tracking populations that have more susceptibility to COVID-19 and, ultimately, to other diseases as well,” Brue said.

Brue and his team also will work to figure out how viral patients respond to different treatments based on their genetics.

“That helps in the individual who may become ill, and it also helps their clinician in giving and describing a better treatment,” he said.

Brue told KOCO 5 that they are hoping to get federal support to help fund the study so results can come back quicker.


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